Your Rooster’s Rook timber clutch has been made with love and care. Keep it looking fabulous with our helpful care tips.


TIMBER: Your timber clutch has had a film of natural wood oil applied to the surface to help preserve and protect the timber. The timber surface is water resistant but not water proof and so it is very important that any liquids (including water) are wiped away as soon as possible using a clean dry cloth – do not use drying items such has hair dryers, hand dryers or similar appliances. Liquids left for prolonged periods of time may discolour the timber.

Your clutch will progressively darken in colour as part of timber’s natural aging process. To minimise the ageing process keep your clutch away from direct sunlight for long periods of time and from contact with any source of heat.

LEATHER: Keep the leather interior soft and supple by wiping it clean occasionally with a damp cloth and drying it with a clean dry cloth immediately. This will help keep foreign materials reacting with the finished leather surface. Some leather conditioners can be used but are not necessary.


METAL: Metal surfaces should be kept clean and dry using a soft, clean cotton cloth. Occasional buffing using a lamb’s wool buffing pad is encouraged – do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads as this will dull the surface and expose the metal to oxidisation. The application of a hard wax paste such as bees wax can be applied to every 6 months to further protect your metal surface.


STORAGE: We recommend storing the clutch inside the original box provided. Remember to remove the chain and place it inside the pouch. Regularly replacing the silica gel sachet will keep moisture away and ensure the longevity of your clutch. Store in a cool, dry environment.